John Ringquist Photography: Blog en-us (C) johnringquist All Rights Reserved (John Ringquist Photography) Wed, 12 Oct 2022 04:58:00 GMT Wed, 12 Oct 2022 04:58:00 GMT Beautiful church at Notre Dame University On the way to the East coast we stopped at the Notre Dame University and visited this beautiful church in the morning.


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USS Constitution - Boston Our trip to the East coast included a visit to the Boston harbor. This ship was on display but on a very cloudy day. So I added a different background and brightened up the ship.

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Sand Hill Crane @ Crex meadows WI This beautiful albeit aggressive bird came walking down the path and took one look at me, shrugged and moved on. I don't think I have been this close to such magnificent bird. Usually in late Fall, up to 5000 birds will fly into Crex Meadows for the night. It is quite a noisy but impressive sight to be had.


Sand Hill Crane - Crex Meadows WISand Hill Crane - Crex Meadows WI

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Owl in Denali Park, Alaska As I mentioned before, working on ideas and came across this owl which was very intent on watching us walk by. 

Owl in Alaska's Denali ParkOwl in Alaska's Denali Park

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Eagle @ MN Zoo I was wondering whether to renew my subscription to Photoshop for another year. So I started working some images which could use the masking tool and layers. I came across this Eagle which I took in the special exhibit at the MN Zoo. I think it really shows the power of this bird. Probably will renew for at least another year.

Eagle @ MN ZooEagle @ MN Zoo

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Backyard Hawk This hawk spent a lot of time on the top of my bird feeder. Very observant but not sure what he was looking for. I think he lives nearby.


Backyard HawkBackyard Hawk

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John Ringquist’s Digital Galaxy JRGalaxyONE.jpgJRGalaxyONE.jpg

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